Fiska Launches Next-Generation Payment Middleware for Cloud Enabling Effortless Payment Integration

Platform is Critical and Timely Technology Stack for Payment Service Providers Looking to Accelerate their Integrated Payments Strategy

MONTREAL, QC / ACCESSWIRE / April 16, 2019 / Fiska, a financial technology firm, is announcing today the launch of its next-generation technology platform that allows payment service providers (PSPs) to significantly accelerate their integrated payments strategy. At the core of Fiska’s offering: a payment middleware platform that enables software developers, particularly the rapidly growing cloud & SaaS segment, to integrate payment acceptance easily and quickly.

”As the industry aggressively shifts towards integrated payments, we are excited to introduce a white-label technology that PSPs can deploy today to their software partners, allowing them to easily and quickly connect to best of breed terminals,” says Rami Karam, CEO at Fiska.

Fiska’s platform allows virtually any point-of-sale software (POS) to integrate to a PSP effortlessly. ”Our middleware technology can support all software types but was built specifically for cloud & browser-based SaaS, which is also quickly replacing legacy POS. In addition, we leverage the most prevalent terminal lines,” says Patrick Huynh, Chief Strategy Officer at Fiska. ”This allows a PSP to deploy integrated payments today to its existing customer base with zero terminal swapping or infrastructure change, as well as support future roadmaps. It’s the most friction-free middleware platform on the market.”

This new technology creates a major opportunity for payment service providers searching for a way to enable integrated payments as, until now, payment middleware has been highly complex to integrate, has not supported cloud software, has often required lengthy and costly certifications, or has only been compatible with a limited set of unpopular terminal lines. ”We’ve fixed all those problems,” says Antoine Azar, CTO at Fiska. ”Our middleware offers the fastest payment integration on the market, automatically detects a merchant’s payment terminal and effortlessly pairs it with the POS software. And best of all, it does not require certification by the ISV.”

Fiska also offers a portfolio of value-added solutions for PSPs that allow their small- and medium-sized business (SMB) customers to better manage their operations and make better decisions, offering them business analytics, online reviews and listings management. This complete technology platform allows PSPs to grow their portfolio, differentiate themselves from the competition and increase their revenues.

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