Integrated Realty Serves Laguna Hills and South Orange County Area

LAGUNA HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 12, 2019 / Integrated Realty Group, based in Laguna Hills, California, has announced that they are offering their realty services not just in Laguna Hills but also in the South Orange County area. The realty firm brokers not just residential but also commercial, agricultural, industrial and other specialty kinds of real estate. The area that they serve includes Irvine, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Woods, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Indian Creek, Nellie Gail Ranch, Quail Creek, Turtle Rock, and Laguna Canyon.

A spokesperson for Integrated Realty Group says, “For real estate buyers and sellers at every stage of their lives, we represent the most desirable properties in the most sought-after locations in Orange County. Our expertise encompasses all housing types-including single-family homes, multi-unit buildings, townhomes, condominiums, lofts and new construction sales. We welcome first-time purchasers, local buyers and those relocating as well as owners wishing to sell their homes, trade up or acquire income-producing properties.”

Integrated Realty Group has a listing that encompasses a wide range of real estate properties. They are categorized as: brand new homes, single family homes, condos, townhouses, luxury homes, mansions, million dollar homes, beach homes, waterfront homes, green homes, and horse properties.

The realtors at Integrated Realty Group believe that Laguna Hills in a great place to establish a home. First of all, it is great for those who love nature because there is a beach and there are hiking trails to explore nature. Second, it is one of the safest cities in Southern California. Third, it is great for finding employment as it has 1.33 times more people employed than what could be expected for a city of the same size. The city also has a huge retirement community with leisure activities available for everyone. It is also blessed with the lovely weather that is available for Southern California. There are also many amenities with coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores, and other amenities present. Furthermore, the various establishments are family friendly, including the clubs, shopping centers, restaurants, and bowling alleys. And Laguna Hills has been praised for being a nice and clear area for people to live in.

With regards to real property, Orange County abounds with brand new homes for sale. This is not surprising as the area is known for offering the ideal and livable neighborhood. Meanwhile, sales of luxury homes has surpassed $1 million and it continues to be the fastest growing housing segment. Luxury housing was the first to recover after the breakdown in the world economy. After that, it has been growing fast with the help of the lower interest rates, the booming stock markets, and the rise in foreign investments.

California has a rich architectural history. Orange County cities have many houses using Italian, Victorian and Spanish revival styles. These are quite evident in the available luxury homes for sale. Meanwhile, single family detached homes for sale also abound in the listings available at the Integrated Realty Group website. Those looking for such kind of homes can customized their search based on the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, area, price, and neighborhood.

There are two kinds of single family homes. First of all, there are the single family detached homes, which are one unit dwelling structures that have open spaces on all of their four sides and are not attached to any other structure. The other type is the single family attached home, which shares a common wall on one or both sides of the home.

It is also possible to look for cheap condos for sale in the listings of Integrated Realty Group. Those interested may search by bedroom, floor area, price or neighborhood. The realtors want to advise potential buyers that they should know the current rules and the covenants, conditions & restrictions (CC&Rs) for that particular home owners association (HOA) of the condo that they are interested in. For instance, they might have a rule that prevents owners from renting out the unit.

Those interested in learning more about the available properties from Integrated Realty Group or want to know how to sell a home can visit their website.

For more information about Integrated Realty Group, contact the company here:

Integrated Realty Group
23412 Moulton Pkwy #140
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

SOURCE: Integrated Realty Group

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