IBH Starts Offering Growth Hacking Technique to Clients

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 5, 2020 / IBH Digital, a leading Miami based digital marketing agency and software company, has officially announced it will provide growth hacking services to clients in February 2020.

Mr. Ilan Bouhadana, CEO of IBH, said, “In the past two years, IBH Digital has seen tremendous success and that thanks to a relatively new marketing strategy known as growth hacking. Growth hacking is when a company tries to acquire as many customers as possible while spending the least amount of money and has become a very popular practice with start-up companies in previous years due to its successful track record.”

When IBH Digital first started in 2018, they knew that the best way for a start-up company to succeed was to implement growth hacking strategies paired with the use of artificial intelligence. Through these strategies, they were able to monitor and optimize ad campaigns across different marketing channels as well as streamline their digital marketing processes to ensure time and cost efficiency. The use of artificial intelligence allows them to not only collect and analyze data gathered during their digital marketing campaigns but then take their findings and determine what worked and what didn’t, allowing them to better prepare for the next campaign.

Due to their own success with these strategies, IBH Digital has started offering this same technique to their own customers. With a team of digital marketers, programmers, data analysts, and coders, IBH Digital is able to effectively execute a combination of growth hacking strategies and artificial intelligence to provide their clients with similar results.

Behind IBH Digital’s success is founder Ilan Bouhadana. Bouhadana is a French entrepreneur, author, and speaker who is best known for his work in digital marketing and social media. Bouhadana attended the University of Miami where he earned a degree in Business Technology and after working on a start-up project in college, moved on to start his own company in 2018. He also holds two online certifications from Harvard University and Princeton University in Computer Information Systems.

To learn more about IBH Digital and their services, visit www.ibhdigital.com.

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