RWB Construction Management, Inc. and Robert W. Burrage: Concierge Builder of Luxury Estate Homes

RWB Construction Management’s Inspired Success has no Ceiling

PALM BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 6, 2020 / When your company is composed of quality people and inspired ideas, you won’t remain anonymous, in your industry, for long. Just as the cream rises to the top, a company with an exceptional modus operandi simply must ascend. When these components are in place, led by a CEO with vision, who is constantly evolving the business, the sky’s the limit. It’s this foundation that has propelled Robert W. Burrage and RWB Construction Management, Inc. to the top of the Concierge Builder category on the Gold Coast of Southeast Florida.


As an entrepreneur, Robert W. Burrage is always observing, visualizing and then reaching for the next level. What niche now needs to be filled? For that reason, RWB Construction currently finds itself in a unique position with a multi-faceted project range. The quality and level of service available to RWB’s clientele is elevated with all the elements at their disposal. Whether a client has a custom to suit “dream house” in their imagination or on blueprints, RWB Construction can pick up from any point of origin and bring it to fruition. If the renovation of a property is in order, from adding a master suite to adding another level to the home, from the initial conversation to the final inspection, from the first set of drawings to the placement of the orchid arrangement in the foyer, RWB Construction considers all of this within their scope of work.

Robert W. Burrage and his RWB team also work with various developers on spec home projects. Building a home, or oceanfront estate on speculation is one of their specialties. From finding the dirt (piece of property) to hand-picking the team, working together with the architect and designers, reconsidering and modifying plans, fine-tuning all decisions from inception to completion…that’s Robert W. Burrage and the RWB team, all day, every day.

The only aspect of luxury estate home living that would then be needed is the ability to maintain this architectural triumph. Robert W. Burrage has an answer for that, as well. The RWB team has an Estate Maintenance Department that is familiar with every aspect and detail of the home, having been involved since the construction process. The team members have the hands-on knowledge of time-tested techniques and products to enhance the aesthetics while preserving the investment. The synergistic relationship that exists between RWB Construction and their subcontractors allows for the continuity of a fully customized maintenance schedule to protect the integrity of the structure while bringing the best results and invaluable peace of mind.

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