Flits – First iOS/Android wallet Supporting Decentralized Masternodes and Cold Staking

WAALWIJK, NETHERLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / June 13, 2020 / Released in 2019, Flits Wallet is the latest work from the creators of Klimatas and Blockworks. Flits Wallet App is the first iOS and Android wallet with Decentralized Masternodes and Cold Staking. The main idea behind its development was to make the process of cryptocurrency trading faster and save investors’ time.

Why Use a Flits Wallet?

Apart from being available for both iOS and Android users, Flits wallet provides extra features on top of basic crypto features that makes it the best wallet in the market. These features include:

1. Decentralized Masternodes – Flits App provides an easy way to invest in a masternode. The masternodes are decentralized; hence no one can claim control besides the user. Also, with Flits App, you don’t have to buy a full masternode. Instead, you can buy shares in a masternode.

2. Cold Staking Cold Staking is an easier and safer alternative to regular staking. Systems that accept cold staking allow their users to stake while holding their funds offline. The coins must remain in the cold storage. Otherwise, they won’t attract rewards.

3. Trading – Flits App connects to exchanges through which users can buy coins, sell off their rewards, and withdraw their earnings.

Benefits of Flits Wallet

There are many benefits that you will gain from using Flits App, including:

Easy set-upSetting up a masternode with Flits is an easy process that doesn’t need any skills. With just a few clicks and a deposit of collateral amount, you will have the masternode set.

Accessibility -Flits allow users to cold stake and perform other functions through their phones. This means users can access their portfolios from anywhere.

Complete control of your fundsSince its a decentralized application, there is no central entity involved, and Flits users have total control of their funds.

Start with less – Flits allows users who can’t afford the required collateral amount to run a masternode to stake their coins and earn block rewards through a Proof of Stake protocol.

Deposit BTC and invest widely – Through Flits application, users can deposit funds in BTC and invest in any of the 73 supported coins within the App. Also, Flits does thorough research to ensure only viable coins are listed on the application, therefore, eliminating scams and unworthy cryptocurrencies.

Top-notch security – Security is the number one feature that defines a great application. Flits offer a 2-factor authentication that features passcode and biometrics (fingerprints and face scan). Also, users keep their wallet keys; hence nobody (including Flits team) can have access to your funds. Flits also conduct frequent security audits on the wallet to leave nothing to chance.


Financial trading has undergone several revolutions over the years to be what it is today. Cryptocurrency trading has joined the wagon at just the right time. Today, there is no doubt that masternodes investments are the next big thing in crypto trading.

Many crypto wallets exist in the market today. While some are genuine, the majority are a scam. Among the genuine ones is FlitsApp, the first mobile wallet with Decentralized Masternodes and Cold Staking.

FlitsApp leverages the decentralization feature of blockchain to give users total control of their wallets and ensure anonymity and security while transacting. The App which is available for both iOS and Android allows cold staking and nearly instant investments into decentralized masternodes.


Contact Name: Mitchel van Amstel
Organization name: Blockworks B.V.
Address: Waalwijk, NL
Email: info@blockworks.tech
Phone number: +31 416 44 10 40
Website URL: https://flitsnode.app/

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