Have Greatness: Tonya Eckerman’s Abstract Wall Art Bringing People Joy and Gratefulness in Uncertain Times

PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / June 12, 2020 / World-renowned abstract artist Tonya Eckerman is excited to announce the launch of her online Etsy shop, Have Greatness.

Etsy showcases her collection of original paintings and gives collectors access to information about available works, commissions, collaborations, and upcoming exhibitions.

One of the universal themes which the artist has explored throughout her career is abstract expressionism. Eckerman’s work is at once intimate and accessible. It is imbued with the accumulated wisdom of a long career devoted to viewing and making art as well as exploring how creativity can be unlocked and encouraged.

She places emphasis on color, composition, and emotion. Instead of concentrating solely on the completed works, she champions the process. “More than anything else, creating is a necessity of living. It is the process that is the most important. The joy of the process and being honest with yourself. I want to give people the ability to remember joy,” explains the artist. “In art, we find beauty and solace. It is what keeps us connected across time and place.”

There are many artists who enjoy working with abstraction, and for a variety of reasons. Eckerman’s style owes itself to being in flow.

It is an expression of the artist’s freedom. Fundamental to her paintings is a process of layering to create one-of-a-kind colorscapes that combine loose and abstract artistic elements.

Her movements on the canvas are gestural, visceral, and alive, utilizing strong brush strokes, bold color, and thick application of paint.

The artist invites you to explore the malleable intersections of her abstract compositions and places an emphasis on the power of art and the creative process.

As a passionate advocate for our veterans, Eckerman is committed to ensuring their sacrifices are never forgotten. A portion of all proceeds from her artwork purchased on Etsy will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

About Tonya Eckerman:

Tonya Eckerman is renowned abstract artist whose paintings are held in private collections around the world. She is poised to become one of the most popular artists in the contemporary art market. A lifelong artist, Eckerman has enjoyed careers as both a Master Colorist and Educator for Clairol, and as an interior designer in the luxury home real estate market. Eckerman finds joy and healing when she is creating, whether it is painting, photography, or cooking.

Discover how Eckerman is redefining abstract painting by visiting her Etsy shop today!

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