Meet The CBD Brand Doing The Most To Aid Consumers Amidst COVID-19

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 1, 2020 / As the COVID-19 wave claims its 100,000th American fatality, all sectors of society have had to step up to blunt the impact of the pandemic. Amongst them have been leading for profit companies from market verticals typically not associated with humanitarian aid, such as CBD. The major disruptor in the field to change this paradigm has been Ignite International.

Recognizing the need not only for priming our defenses, but also the need to remove unnecessary anxiety and stress, Ignite has stepped up to fulfill consumer needs on the macro scale during coronavirus. Led by Internet tycoon Dan Bilzerian, Ignite – despite its large size (a publicaly traded company which just raised close to $100M)- was able to pivot in agile fashion and tilt its product design and manufacturing machine towards the production of the world’s most premium and versatile CBD product line.

CBD- which is the non-psychotropic component of the Cannabis plant- induces a sense of well-being and calm without the narcotic effects of marijuana. Ignite has plugged in this turnkey anxiety reliever into an extensive range of elixirs, energy shots, gummies, topicals, vapes, and even pet supplies which are available worldwide within days from its e-store.

Furthermore, consuming Ignite CBD isn’t just good for you, it imparts benefits to all. The company has already given back close to $25k towards front line organizations in the fight against COVID-19 from its CBD revenues during the pandemic and plans to give back much more as its CBD line continues to soar.


SOURCE: Ignite International

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