Self-Made Entrepreneur Kevin Leyes: His “Formula” For Success

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 4, 2020 / Success, prestige and recognition is every young person’s dream. As your age progresses, these goals change and begin to have other priorities. However, others make this dream a goal, focusing their effort, work and intelligence to achieve it. That is the case of Kevin Leyes, an Argentinian entrepreneur of 19-years-old, owner of three companies.

Not knowing his history, it is possible to think that he is a young man from a wealthy family, with hundreds of opportunities that have led him to reach the top easily.

The reality is totally different. A humble family, a life full of limitations, hard work and countless setbacks, is what surrounded the childhood and part of the adolescence of this young Argentine from Pontevedra, Merlo.

However, each one of these aspects gave Kevin the necessary impulse to move forward. This, complemented with remarkable intelligence and love for technology that flourished in him since he was 9 years old and, at 12, would make him the winner of the “Dale Accept” challenge for programmers, a competition sponsored by the National Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, and other important institutions in Argentina. At that time, Argentine President Cristina Kirchner congratulated him during the winners’ ceremony.

Recently, Kevin Leyes was also decorated as the youngest official member of the Forbes Business Council and Young Entrepreneur Council, demonstrating to us that, effectively, age is just a number and doesn’t limit people and entrepreneurs from achieving their goals and dreams.

From Scheduling To Undertaking

The skills and effort never fail to pay off, especially if you keep your focus on your projects. That was precisely what led this young man to achieve to found his first company: Team Leyes. Which is also his main brand.

Team Leyes is a company dedicated to the design and customization of urban jewelry, it is currently registered in Argentina and the United States, and it is also growing and being recognized by different artists of the genre, who work hand in hand with Team Leyes.

To think that this has been the arrival of the young man to the top is a mistake, because besides qualifying himself as “self-taught”, Leyes is a young visionary whose limits do not exist when it comes to learning and undertaking.

As an example of this, there are two other ventures he owns through his group of companies, Leyes Enterprises: Leyes Media, a social media marketing and public relations agency, and Ayudar, a recently developed app: a platform to contribute to the people most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Formula For Success

Attributing Kevin’s success to luck or fortune would be a serious mistake: impetus, perseverance and focus on his goals are what has determined the course of each project of this young entrepreneur. He now shares with readers “the formula” for his success:

He Creates Opportunities

“The entrepreneur always goes beyond, looks outside what is there”. Instead of waiting for his arrival, Kevin defines the entrepreneur as a person who creates opportunities where for others “there are none”.

That’s where Team Leyes comes in. After trying out different areas of business (clothing and sneakers), he noticed that the competition in these areas was extensive, so he decided to look at another aspect. Combining his taste for the trap and knowledge in technology and the Internet, he started his brand and now company.

He emphasizes that at first everything is complex, but the confidence in your potential and your idea will be indispensable in every move. Once you start the process, the experience will make everything easier and the growth more remarkable.

Transform The Idea Into Action

Although the idea is the beginning of every undertaking, the action represents the construction of it. In this aspect, Kevin emphasizes the importance of taking action on ideas. He points out that a common mistake of today’s entrepreneurs is not to execute for fear of failure.

However, failure will only represent one more learning experience. It should be seen as an opportunity to correct mistakes and start with even more experience. Crossing the line of thought into execution makes all the difference as an entrepreneur.

Persist, Don’t Give Up

Waiting to find success at the first attempt is a serious mistake. For Kevin, problems are an important part of learning on the road to goals. “Entrepreneurship is about breaking down problems and learning,” says the young entrepreneur.

In this context, persistence is elementary. Maintaining conviction and focus on the purposes for which you start your venture despite adversity will largely define the success that your venture can achieve.

Manage Your Resources Correctly

Kevin highlights the use of the Internet as a widely flattering element for entrepreneurs. For example, he describes social media as a “catapult to success” because the digital world offers a variety of opportunities to connect with people and make them aware of your project and become part of it.

He talks about the Internet as “a method for learning” and invites you to take advantage of its multifunctionality and the new strategies that thanks to this medium, can help when starting a business.

To learn more about Kevin Leyes and Leyes Enterprises, visit and You can contact Kevin’s team at or phone them through +54 9 11 2267-9932.

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