Unruly Visuals: Seeing with Humble Eyes

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 12, 2020 / Jayson Bretton, the talent behind Unruly Visuals (formerly ShotbyJaysonB), was born on September 1996, in Rockland County, New York, of Jamaican and Chinese descent. Looking back on it, his pivot into becoming a creator was something wholly unexpected for Jayson, but that has come to define just about every aspect of his personal and professional life today.

The seed that would become Unruly Visuals started in college, at Utica College, where a required course would lead him to the discovery of unparalleled talent. He began to learn video editing, developing his keen eye for detail and the passion to create.

A healthy mix of talent and good word-of-mouth led to Jayson’s early wins. Through projects and referrals left and right, he was able to save up to finally purchase his first camera, a second hand Nikon D3500, from a friend, determined to take his newfound passion even further. Since then, he has taken on and mastered both coloring and sound design, and is now taking his art out into the world by helping out independent artists and local businesses create compelling visual content under Unruly Visuals, his very own creative brand.

Seeing as he is himself a self-made independent artist, Jayson is naturally warm and just as passionate in his support of his fellow budding creators. For this reason, he emphasizes local artists as the primary people he wishes to help with his art. “Local artists, they don’t get as much shine, and so I want to help them out as much as I can,” Jayson says. They would be hard-pressed scoring a deal better than what Unruly Visuals has to offer, as well. He has worked with artists such as WanBlvd, DTFOREIGN , and P Saint.

Jayson goes out of his way to collaborate (a particular strength that has been a key ingredient to his success) and works at fast turnaround times for his projects. He values content above everything else and is determined to provide his clients with only the best that he can offer. Unruly Visuals, after all, is not some money-hungry corporation that is hell-bent on just meeting the bottom line. His main priority is providing clean, compelling visuals to the people that need it: local musicians wanting to have their music videos produced, local business owners who need a clean, accessible, and well-crafted digital ad to help promote their brand. Some brands he has worked with are Caribbean Quizine, O Fitness, and Utica College Business Center.

Unruly Visuals maintains a website, and regularly plugs new projects through his Youtube channel. His Instagram also provides a few curious peeks into his creative process, showcasing snippets of his latest outputs, behind-the-scenes, and more. The very personal touch reminds us that what is at work behind Unruly Visuals is really another artist, coming from humble beginnings, who dedicates his 24/7 to the art.

If you want to reach Jayson, you may contact him at Bookingunruly@gmail.com or at 646 564 0700.

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