What Makes Influencers Tick: TikTunes and its Relatability Strategy

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 12, 2020 / The marketing industry knows that having influence plays a huge part in advertising. Traditionally, famous singers, actors, or even politicians are the sought-after people to endorse a brand. But in the advent of social media dominance, consumers are slowly shifting attention to people to whom they can relate to. This innovation is what TikTunes, as a talent agency, takes into the playing field of PR. With over 3,000 Tik Tok creator submissions in the last four weeks and a cumulative following of over 1 billion followers, your PR needs are secured in Tiktunes.

Relatability is what most social media users look for in content creators. The GenZ population, in particular, are the largest consumers of vlogs, music streaming sites, and beauty products. This surge of interest leads more people to take notice of goods and services advertised online. TikTunes and its CEO Salvatore “Sal” DiBenedetto offers to brands, companies, and content creators a rare opportunity to take it their advertising to the next level through their company.

TikTunes is a talent agency that connects record labels, brands, mobile apps, and surveys with Tik Tok influencers. CEO Sal DiBenedetto is proud of how he curated an exclusive and broad network of influencers on TikTok. Over 90% of them are part of the Gen Z, thus, making it the leading talent agency to boost one’s brand.

Sal DiBenedetto and his team are well familiar that companies & brands have never stopped trying to take advantage of their marketing power. Tiktunes changes the game by having the most extensive database in the USA. If that is not enough, their team maintains exposure build-up by simultaneously promoting brands, labels, and content creators by posting on their various social media platforms.

TikTunes caters to the needs of companies who need PR, and to the influencers who want to increase their earnings from their online content. They want to establish the balance of these interests with the influencers getting brand collaborations and music promotions. On the other side, mobile app companies get a more extensive reach of their target audience; and for brands and record labels, guaranteed access to the CPI option in “the Platform.”

CEO Sal DiBenedetto assures that its clients that they are adept at what they do in Tiktunes. A vital feature of the company is influencers run it. Salvatore DiBenedetto himself is one of the pioneers in social media influencing and is very fluent with all digital platforms & social media algorithms. When he started his Instagram page as early as 6th grade, he already amassed over 300 000 followers. His page is among the first few to hit 1 million followers not long after. Their expertise in influencer marketing and extensive knowledge of the needs of the target market is a distinctive factor in PR.

TikTunes, as a talent agency, focuses on the needs of influencers. It offers a rare opportunity for its talents to work for them without contract signing required. This set up gives influencers a chance to accept more projects without getting tied with one agency. TikTunes also offers free consulting and support on how to handle interest from different brands, agencies & companies.

It is also set to launch a mobile app that will provide creators access to brand deals, record labels, mobile apps & surveys. TikTunes mobile app will make it easier for them to communicate with their talent manager and answer any questions they may have. As a leading talent agency, it makes sure no one is stealing your content without your approval while making sure that influencers are rightly paid for their hard work.

Ready to get that online mileage for you and your company? Sign up now through their website at https://www.tiktunes.com/.

To get to know more about Tiktunes and what they do, you can give them a call on +1 815 575 5565 or send them an email at hello@tiktunes.com.

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