Andrea Montoya Sheds Light on the Holistic Journey of Self-Care

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 23, 2020 / Bad habits are often seen as self-destructive lifestyle choices. While there is some truth to this, another way of looking at bad habits is that they are merely imprudent attempts to relieve stress.

And needless to say, one salient contributor to stress is the imbalance between the body, the mind, and the soul. According to Andrea Montoya, an esteemed lifestyle coach, the three domains have to work hand in hand.

She explains that it takes nurturing the body to get the mind and the soul to a state of peace, just as it takes nourishing the mind and the soul to get the body up and running. Simply put, self-care is a holistic journey, and it is one that Andrea herself has mastered with much strength and confidence.

As a highly sought-after nutritionist, personal trainer and health coach, Andrea has gained recognition for being a beacon of self-love and body positivity. And with her reassuring presence and warm words, she proves to be the perfect companion for those who are on the rocks with their self-development journeys.

Although the world knows of Andrea’s phenomenal works, few are aware that her greatness is, in fact, a scar from battling with one of the most disabling ordeals in her life.

Throughout her high school and college years, Andrea would find herself binging and purging. She fell prey to two of the most common eating disorders – binge eating and bulimia.

As a compulsive eater, Andrea became a prisoner of an extremely harmful eating behavior. And when she tried to get out of what seemed like an endless cycle of yo-yo dieting and binge eating, she would only feel worse about herself.

Realizing that relying on willpower alone was no longer enough, Andrea mustered up the courage to seek help. From there, she worked through her food issues and became kinder to herself. And once she accepted her flaws and weaknesses, she was finally able to writhe out from the chains that were holding her back.

After more than six years of exposing herself to courses and seminars on personal development, Andrea discovered that the self-care journey always starts within. And having earned a self-love coaching certification, she got to work with Billy Beck III, Tony Robbins’ personal trainer. Under the latter’s tutelage, she learned the science behind exercise and the psychology of nutrition.

With her deep-rooted skills on wellness, Andrea is coaching women and teaching them the real essence of transformation. And while other coaches will simply give a band-aid solution, she sets herself apart by going straight to the root cause and ultimately offering a sense of long-term gratification.

Ever so passionately, Andrea helps her clients step into their power so that they can unleash their ultimate potential. Indeed, healthy lifestyle choices are not the easiest, nor are they the most exciting ones to make. However, the lifestyle guru shows everyone that with consistency and dedication, these choices will eventually come to fruition.

To know more about Andrea Montoya, you may visit her website, Instagram, and Facebook page.

Andrea Montoya

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