Covera Health Hires Former Oscar Health Executive as COO to Scale Organization and Meet Large-Scale Customer Demand

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AICovera Health, the country’s leading provider of clinical analytics solutions to reduce medical misdiagnoses and improve quality of care, today announced the hiring of Thorsten Wirkes as Chief Operating Officer to build out the company’s operational infrastructure to support growing payer demand.

“Now more than ever during this global pandemic, healthcare buyers insist on and need digital health solutions that show both a tangible improvement to patient outcomes and a demonstrable return on investment,” said Covera Health CEO Ron Vianu. “Here at Covera, we do just that. It’s why demand for our solutions has spiked across all major market segments, with a customer pipeline well into the tens of millions of covered lives, and why Thorsten joining will be key to help us scale and meet that demand.”

As a key member of Covera Health’s leadership team, Wirkes will oversee and grow the company’s core operations engine, including payer implementations, provider services, and clinical informatics. Additionally, Wirkes will work with other members of senior management to improve and scale internal processes.

“I could not be more thrilled to join a company with a mission and team like Covera Health’s,” said Wirkes. “Covera is truly one of a kind. Its quality solution is uniquely driving value for all parties – patients, providers, and payers, and the company has a remarkable setup that combines a world-class quality analytics framework with a differentiated go-to-market approach. I’m extremely excited to come aboard for the journey and be able to contribute to the next phase of growth.”

Before joining Covera Health, Wirkes helped build and scale Oscar Health in various executive roles over the past six years. Most recently he served as Vice President and General Manager, spearheading the launch of Oscar’s Medicare Advantage business. Prior to that, he oversaw strategic partnerships, including Oscar’s Cleveland Clinic product in Ohio, and was also responsible for standing up Oscar’s Insurance Operations.

Wirkes will build on that foundation of experience to help Covera Health’s payer-partners ensure their members receive the most accurate imaging diagnoses from day one. Getting this critical step right is one of the most cost-effective ways to avoid wasted spending and ensure patients are on the most direct path back to health. To better define, measure, and support quality diagnoses, the company leverages clinical analytics and AI, and partners with thousands of radiologists around the country.

“In this climate,” said Vianu, “fiscal responsibility is critically important. We’ve proven that, by improving diagnostic accuracy, you can decrease medical costs, which has driven incredible interest in our program — and why we’re excited to have Thorsten on board to help us meet that demand.”

About Covera Health

Covera Health, a leading clinical analytics company, is pioneering quality-based solutions for payers and providers through its innovative Quality Care Collaborative that enables the measurement and delivery of high-quality care. The company builds programs for health plans, employers, and other healthcare organizations to reduce misdiagnoses, improve patient outcomes, and reduce medical costs. Covera Health’s first solution, its innovative Radiology Centers of Excellence Program, operates in all 50 states. For more information, please visit


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