Democracy App, Inc. Launches DemocracyApp(TM), the Next Generation Social Media App that Creates a More Effective Democracy and Brings Government Closer to the People

SCOTTSDALE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / July 23, 2020 / Democracy App, Inc., a U.S. based hi-tech startup, announced today, the launch of DemocracyApp™, a unique, innovative, blockchain-supported social media mobile voting application, that connects voters with their political leaders and helps politicians with integrity win elections.

DemocracyApp™ is a transparent, effective, and quick communication tool that tells politicians how constituents feel about policy issues, regardless of their party affiliation. It gives political leaders the ability to offer their constituents an opportunity to express their opinions and cast “votes” on important matters facing our lives – an innovative democratic approach that promises to usher in a new era of a modern, more effective democracy. In February, earlier this year, following a meeting with the DemocracyApp™ team, Slovakia’s Ordinary People Party announced plans to offer voters the same ability to directly vote on key issues. In the weeks that followed, the party was propelled from fifth place in the polls to the outright winner of the Parliamentary Elections, securing Ordinary People’s Party Leader, Igor Matovic as Prime Minister. North American political leaders will now have a similar opportunity and use advanced technology to assert the needs of their constituents.

“For the first time in history, technology is being utilized in a way that enhances our current democratic process”, explains Joseph Nemeth, the founder and Chief Product Architect of DemocracyApp™. “Our team is proud to be at the forefront of the next-generation social media, and excited about what our technology can offer candidates, who have the integrity and desire to raise the voice of the people,” added Nemeth.

Through DemocracyApp™, political candidates can post issues that affect constituents, requesting consensus in a public and transparent way. The votes are tallied and presented to users in real-time, informing both the candidate and the voters of the will of the constituents. Once candidates win the office they seek, they remain in communication with their voters, informing them of the current policy through the App. The voters can then also compare the actions of the politicians with the consensus of the people. This process not only serves to advance a more direct and effective form of Democracy but serves to uphold greater accountability for officials. The App also aims to inform citizens of the thoughts and feelings of their community, which the App’s developers believe is not as binary as popular political news outlets portray. “Community leaders can now connect with the voters on a much higher level than ever before. DemocracyApp™ gives them a tangible resource that allows them to serve the needs of the constituents in a more effective and meaningful way,” said James Foura, the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “The current political system asks you for only two things: your money and your vote, never for your opinion. People are tired of politicians who only tell us what to think and are so preoccupied with their own agenda that they forget about the real needs of the people. DemocracyApp™ changes that. It provides political leaders with a tool to openly and transparently collect the opinions of constituents and then act on that consensus,” added Foura.

“We are already talking with several candidates with a wide range of political ideologies who are recognizing the potential of the App and can provide the App for the campaign of any politician who has a desire to put people first. Ultimately, DemocracyApp™ is naturally party-agnostic because we believe that each voter’s political ideology is as nuanced as the issues that face them. We’ve created the next generation of social media application that will demonstrate this reality, solve some of democracy’s biggest challenges, and help advance the World’s political systems to reflect the modern needs of the people whom the politicians are supposed to represent,” concluded Joseph Nemeth, the App’s creator.

About DemocracyApp™

DemocracyApp™ is an innovative, patent-pending, blockchain-based Social Media Mobile Voting App, which connects voters with their political leaders. It allows each participating voter to have a meaningful direct impact on issues that shape our society, as it facilitates direct and transparent communication between people and their representatives. It directs and guides politicians to act in the interest of the people, resulting in a more effective government and ultimately in a better world. DemocracyApp™ works very much like a public “referendum”, but without its high costs, giving elected representatives and political candidates alike the ability to receive immediate direct input from voters on important social, economic, and political issues. DemocracyApp™ also allows representatives to communicate their views, concerns, and positions on various issues to the public immediately and directly, without distortion from traditional mainstream media. The App is now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. For more information please visit, or contact

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