Driven By The Prospect Of Financial Freedom And An Entrepreneurial Mindset: How Marian Esanu Gave Himself And His Family A Better Kind Of Life Through His Hard Work

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 24, 2020 / From humble beginnings to making millions, this is the story of Marian Esanu. Marian Esanu is a Client Acquisition Consultant, YouTuber, and Podcast Host. He started with humble beginnings as an immigrant with little money and grew his influence through his ability to generate customers for his own businesses, and also for his clients’ business. Driven by his want for financial freedom for his family, he worked hard to create his business.

“I’m A Client Acquisition Consultant – I help online coaches and creators generate more customers and also understand the process of acquiring customers. I wanted to start my business to achieve financial freedom. I wanted to offer my family a better kind of lifestyle that they deserve,” explains Marian.

Though now he is a consultant for others. Marian started off with a transportation company for fitness equipment, which caused him to lose a lot of money at first. He knew he had to change his tactics in order to achieve financial success. This included changing his mindset to a more entrepreneurial kind of mindset.

“My first business was a fitness equipment transportation company and I was doing everything from sales to marketing to driving trucks. The first time I hired an agency to help me generate customers, I literally burned $5000 without generating any customers. A business can only grow as much as the owner’s potential. Therefore, if the business owner does not have the right mindset, the business will never grow,” states Marian.

On top of his difficulties with his first business, Marian had also just immigrated to the United States with very little money to his name. Marian had to push harder than others to compete and to become successful because of this hard start to his life in the United States.

“Being an immigrant in the USA, and literally landing in the airport with my wife with $500 in our pocket, the first few years of our life was pretty intense. Things like a new culture, new language, different economy were obstacles that I had to overcome. The biggest obstacle was mainly my mindset as I had to push myself to compete with myself and not with other people,” remarks Marian.

Through all of these trials and tribulations, Marian never gave up. He was able to turn around this difficult situation to become a successful entrepreneur who runs a business in client acquisition consulting, a YouTube channel and a podcast channel. Marian’s main business revolves around teaching his clients on how to engage others in a marketplace and be as omnipresent as possible in order to attract attention from possible customers and keep clients coming back day after day. This, in turn, helps create more profit for the businesses that he helps with.

“Most client businesses do not know how to become omnipresent in the marketplace. This instability makes business unpredictable. I use a four-step process for generating a steady stream of inbound clients. This approach consists of identifying competitors, creating content, using online retargeting, and inviting the curious crowd to beg for your products and services. This is the same framework I have used to get my own 7 figure online sales funnel,” says Marian.

Marian has recently interviewed stars like Grant Cardone, Pat Flynn, Evan Carmichael, Billy Gene on his highly rated podcast High End Client Acquisition. Marian has recently launched some online courses to help others continue to achieve their success despite the conditions that we are all under due to the pandemic. In addition, he has also set up a mentoring program.

“I recently launched an online course and group mentorship program where online creators and coaches learn how to become omnipresent and sell their services online. For me, I am able to differentiate myself from others by giving my clients absolute transparency and results,” comments Marian.

To find out more about Marian, you can follow him on Instagram @marianvesanu. You can listen to his podcast on apple podcasts by searching Momentum. Finally, you can check out his website at

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