Entrepreneur Mohammed Shakaoat is Driven to Help Others Succeed

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2020 / Mohammed Shakaoat is a 28-year-old entrepreneur who helps hundreds of people from the comfort of his home. He has managed to turn knowledge from a random YouTube video into millions of dollars and lives a “laptop lifestyle” with one goal in mind – to help others follow in his financial footsteps.

“Amazon is a great platform to sell on VS Shopify where you have to find a selling product, build a website, and run ads,” he says.

Shakaoat owns and operates many businesses, some are not even his own. After successfully scaling his own ATM business, he turned to YouTube to teach others how to start their own.

Shakaoat’s followers frequently suggested that he starts his own in-depth course outlining techniques and strategies for aspiring entrepreneurs to follow in his footsteps. After careful deliberation and market research, Shakaoat started ATM Academy (@atm__Academy), a platform where his followers can finally acquire the information they have been seeking for some time. His courses filled quickly with like-minded people who desired to start a business of their own without having to rely on others.

“The ATM business is where entrepreneurs place their ATM in local businesses and collect a fee every single time someone uses the machine. Each time a person uses the machine, you as the owner gets paid,” Shakaoat stated on www.atmacademy.com.

Shakaoat used the returns from his other businesses to branch out to more prospective clients. Currently, Shakaoat owns 45 ATM machines across Florida, and uses his profits to start new businesses with the objective of expanding his entrepreneurial repertoire.

His website offers users perks that connect members with other entrepreneurs. According to www.atmacademy.com, his course also offers contacts, sales sheets, a private ATM merchant, and access to a ​private group chat.

ATM Academy offers users not only videos, but personal video chats from ATM experts such as Shakaoat himself. Students have the ability to ask questions and learn from one of the best in the industry. Shakaoat helps over 400 students learn about what it takes to make it in the ATM business.

ATM Academy (@atm__Academy) helps hundreds of people from around the world achieve financial freedom allowing them to live the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Shakaoat says the business makes him feel like he is already retired, as he can travel the world while he helps businesses and entrepreneurs from the comfort of his laptop and smartphone.

To reach out to Mohammed, or to follow Mohammed’s journey, follow him on his Instagram.


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