Kale and Taylor of Nine University: A Success Story to Inspire People

PITTSBURGH, PA / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2020 / What is it that makes an entrepreneur successful? If people have ever tried to start their business, they know firsthand that it can be difficult to get a startup off the ground. It takes a lot of money, patience, help, and quite frankly, luck.

Of course, there is a recipe to success to any business. Anyone can figure it out with enough time and money, but often, this recipe is kept secret. Fortunately, two men have figured out the key to success for Amazon FBA, and they are sharing it with their students, no secrets held back.

In this article, people will learn about the two men who shaped the course of online FBA businesses in their own significant ways: Kale Abrahamson, an ex-basketball star with an entrepreneurial mind, and Taylor Hiott, a business management professional who saw potential in the right venture.

FBA, or Fulfillment By Amazon, is a service where third-party sellers list their products on Amazon, then ship the goods to an Amazon warehouse.

The seller does all the marketing, but Amazon provides the customer base and handles the shipment logistics and returns, making it an easy win for individuals who want to start an eCommerce store, but can’t afford to spend the time or money on their own warehouse, shipment team, or cover returns costs.

Who is Kale Abrahamson?

Kale Abrahamson has been a basketball player ever since he could walk. Through school, he was considered the 135th best basketball player in the world. This astonishing achievement was noticed by several schools, and he received a scholarship to 17 universities of his choice, including Harvard, opening a world of opportunity for him.

While he was studying, hanging out with friends, playing basketball, and enjoying life as an average teenager, he had an entrepreneurial mind at work. He would enlist the help of some friends and purchase wristbands at a few cents each. He would then sell them at football games for a dollar each. In just a single game, Kale and his friends came out with $400, which they reinvested, soon earning himself and his friends $2,000 each in profit from a couple of hours of work each game.

His turning point was when he broke his hand and had to sit out 15 games, which gave him a lot of time to think about what he wanted to do in life.

During this time off, he realized that he did not want to play basketball for a living. He was not inspired by creating a career in basketball, but he did like the money it would bring him. He knew his entrepreneurial streak kept pulling him towards creating his own business time and time again, and he realized that he enjoyed the act of building businesses.

“What is the reason you are doing what you do? You have to know that first in order to succeed,” says Kale. Later that year, he quit playing basketball professionally.

Later that year, Kale decided to start his own Amazon FBA business and sold a few choice products. He wasn’t in the game for any one niche, but he was trying to figure out what made one product successful and what made others flop.

The first products he ever sold were lights for cornhole with would enable the players to identify which board was which based on team colors. After that, he sold baby pillows, and his sales grew to over $20,000 a month.

Who is Taylor Hiott?

In 2013, Taylor Hiott earned his Bachelors of Science in business administration and entrepreneurship. The concepts of business management had fascinated him, and he had an entrepreneurial streak that he wanted to learn more about. From there, he worked a variety of jobs in communications and administration, including for the popular computer company Lenovo.

It was at a chance meeting in 2017 where he met Kale at their local church in Pittsburgh. The two instantly connected over their love of entrepreneurship. As Taylor learned more about Kale’s process in Amazon FBA, he knew it would be a revolutionary moment in both their lives, and he wanted in.

Taylor invested the first capital that they needed to get their FBA business off the ground and creating real trials and tests to pin down the platform’s formula to success.

Over a few short years and a few bumps here and there, Kale and Taylor scaled their Amazon FBA business to a consistent 6-figures, having mastered the formula to success on the platform.

How They Are Shaping Entrepreneur’s Lives with Nine University

Today, the two run an online program that shows students exactly how to achieve success with FBA, how to source good products, market your listing, and get recurring customers with good reviews.

This platform, Nine University, is a one-stop shop for anyone who is willing to put in the hard work to achieve true success. They wanted to prevent other Amazon sellers from having to experience the hardships that come with the common mistakes, help propel others forward with their knowledge, and offer real, tangible solutions with their one-on-one coaching. Many of their students have made over 6-figure incomes with the help of Kale and Taylor.

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