Savonix and Mitani Sangyo Partnership Introduces Digital Cognitive Screening for Employees for Early Dementia Prevention

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#alzheimersSavonix, a global leader in digital cognitive health testing, and Japanese trading company Mitani Sangyo Co, Ltd, announced yesterday a strategic partnership to provide Savonix’s digital cognitive assessment to all its employees over the age of 40. The test is not mandatory but will be highly encouraged. Mitani Sangyo also provides benefits to employees who have cognitive impairment.

A virtual joint press conference was held on July 29th, 2020, at 10:00am Japan time. Savonix CEO and Founder Dr. Mylea Charvat discussed the collaboration, and gave a live demonstration and overview of Savonix’s assessment. The event also highlighted the importance of dementia prevention.

“Mitani Sangyo has introduced Savonix’s cognitive assessment to all employees over the age of 40. This is an unprecedented initiative in the world. Dementia is a health problem facing a super-aging Japanese society, and a risk that will become a huge problem for all Japanese companies that implement long-term employment as they relax or eliminate the retirement age. Not only will affected individuals be unable to work, but the impact and stress on those around them and their families during the course of their progress are also enormous. However, it has become clear that dementia can be prevented, and its progress can be stopped by reviewing lifestyle changes and improving social relationships. And I understand that the earlier it is, the better. In Japan, we have the ‘100-year life society,’ and it is important to extend healthy life expectancy and to be able to work for a long time. Our approximately 3,300 employees vary in age from their teens to their late 80s. To ensure that all employees and their families can work with peace of mind, I promise, as a company, that we will place emphasis not only on physical and mental health but also on brain health. Savonix is an excellent solution that enables early detection of signs of dementia and provides a preventive action in just 20 minutes. It is a necessary solution not only for us, but also for Japanese companies in this aging country,” said Mitani Sangyo President and CEO, Tadateru Mitani.

“This partnership with Mitani Sangyo, one of the largest trading companies in Japan, highlights the value Savonix brings to the workplace in terms of employee health and wellness,” said Dr. Charvat. “Our digital cognitive assessment platform enables employees to assess and monitor their brain health over time. A clinically validated, neurocognitive test, Savonix provides real-time results for individuals who want to take control of their brain health and is available for employers who want to give them the tools to do so and peace of mind.”

About Savonix

A global leader in cognitive health, Savonix delivers the only neuropsychology platform in the market. Savonix provides digital cognitive health solutions and empowers healthcare providers, payers, and researchers to evaluate and leverage results to improve health and treatment outcomes. Developed by clinical neuropsychologists and digital health technology experts, the Savonix Cognitive Assessment is an accurate, accessible, and affordable tool available for download on all mobile devices. To learn more about Savonix, visit

About Mitani Sangyo Group

Mitani Sangyo group is a trading company that operates through six business segments: chemical, electronics, information systems, air conditioning systems, construction data, and energy. Founded in Kanazawa in 1928, it is currently headquartered in both Kanazawa and Tokyo. Mitani Sangyo group has 29 companies (19 companies in Japan, 10 companies overseas). Although it is a trading company, Mitani Sangyo also has manufacturing and logistics functions and offers holistic solutions with their technical division. In order to offer the most efficient solution for its clients, the company will adjust itself to drive new technology and businesses through partnership with startups. To learn more about Mitani Sangyo Group, visit



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