What is CyberVein? Why Is It the Top Crypto Project in 2020?

CyberVein – Interconnecting the data that runs the world

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 23, 2020 / CyberVein is a big-data service provider who interconnects the data that runs the world. The platform was founded in 2017 by the Singapore CV Technology Foundation.

CyberVein’s big-data solution is based on the PISR (private, interlink, secure, robust) distributed database developed by CyberVein, focusing on enterprise-level “blockchain + big-data” customized services.

CyberVein aims to create a true, trustworthy, and efficient enterprise-level big-data platform, promote blockchain applications to empower the real world economy, and achieve greater data usage and monetization at a lower cost, not only to make data credible and usable, but also to make data truly valuable assets.

The four core products of data management, security, monetization and privacy are focusing on three major problems in this information age: information silo, data security, and data monetization. It perfectly links upstream and midstream of data-flow, aggregates and enables cross-domain governance of upstream data, and encapsulates data abstraction into services, providing business value to applications, thereby creating an enterprise-level data flow platform based on blockchain.


Technological development has brought a surge in data volume. In 2018, the global data volume was estimated 32ZB, and it will reach 180ZB in 2025. How much data is effectively saved? In 2018, it was 5ZB, accounting for less than 16%; it is expected to be 16ZB in 2025, accounting for about 9%, which means that a lot of data is deleted or lost.

In addition to the imbalance between data output and storage, most centralized storage also faces the risk of data being leaked and stolen. How to store large amounts of information properly, safely and in full amount has become a problem faced by individuals, enterprises and government agencies.

The demand for large-scale development of distributed business calls for the birth of a new generation of blockchain infrastructure, and PISR enterprise-level distributed database takes into account the optimal balance between efficiency, security and decentralization, allowing blockchain technology serve the real economy.

Without millions of images and other types of labeled data, it is impossible to truly train large-scale deep learning networks. In other words, companies with large amounts of data can create various types of predictive models to “control”, such as Facebook will be 50 million Human data is sold to Cambridge Analytica, which affects the US presidential election.

In recent years, countries have frequently promulgated policies related to data security and privacy protection. In the future, the use of data will become more cautious. At the same time, data interaction and data fusion will also be a world trend, but due to industry competition, privacy and security, data ownership, and complicated administrative procedures, data cannot be developed and applied in compliance and effectively, often in the form of islands. It is difficult and costly to integrate scattered data.


The four core products are not only independent with different functional attributes, but also each as a holistic system that can be connected in series to provide a more comprehensive big-data solution.

PISR Consortium database

The PISR enterprise-level distributed database uses the blockchain to record the database status and operations in units of time, which not only makes the database credible, but also makes the blockchain a time machine that can be restored to the record on the chain at any time any database status.

It creates better data management: through safe and reliable virtual machine operation and maintenance of user data, data is efficiently aggregated for upstream data, and data traceability and tracking are realized to ensure the reliability of data sources and outputs, and achieve cross-level, cross-departmental data sharing to improve the timeliness, diversity, stock and density of data to realize the commercial value of data, and truly solve the problems in data flow.

DAG storage chain

DAG (directed acyclic graph) is a commonly used data storage structure in the computing. Because of its unique topology, DAG was first used to deal with dynamic programming problems, such as finding the shortest path in navigation, data compression, and other scenarios.

In the field of distributed ledgers, the biggest feature is that there is no block, and its consistency is maintained by the transaction itself. Each transaction needs to confirm the previously unconfirmed transaction when it is issued, and is immediately broadcast to the entire network to form a connected data network.

It creates safer data storage, with better efficiency, no block confirmation, low transaction fees, and also eliminates miner, supports asynchronous verification and parallel processing of each node, the more nodes, the faster the speed, the stronger the scalability. The database backup on DAG storage chain provides an extra layer of security for businesses.

Cloud GPU

Clound GPU enables businesses to use the GPU resources within the CyberVein network to do the machine training required. This allows smaller businesses who don’t have the infrastructure and capital to improve their work, and allows big data buinesses to share their data to earn more income. The Cloud GPU platform will have a complete system of data evaluation and standardization, ensuring all data can be used and be rightly valued.

Federated Learning Platform

Federated learning enables data to be monetized. Federated Learning is a distributed machine learning workflow. The datasets is first trained locally, and the data of all parties is kept locally, without revealing privacy or violating regulations. Individual terminal returns trained model to the server to create a shared model. Effectively protect data privacy and security, solve the problem of information silo, and thus realize the value of data.

CyberVein Business Model

CyberVein treats data as an asset and authorize the rights of data. Through CyberVein big-data solution stimulates the value of the data thus achieving data monetization.

The CVT big-data platform covers the entire process of the data value chain from data sources, data processing, data analysis and data applications. CVT incentivizes monetary profit from data storage, data analysis and data transactions, by the data asset chain which applies to diverse data driven industries

CyberVein Clarifies the property rights of data assets, create a common data language for enterprises, form strategic resources for all parties and facilitate the commercialization of data assets

CVT Token

CyberVein Token (CVT) is the special token used in its ecosystem. CVT is used as a transaction fee and network contribution consensus reward in major applications on the chain. The total circulation of CVT is 2,147,483,648, and the current circulation is 1060,163,761. It can be obtained from the Proof of Contribution (PoC) consensus reward mechanism or purchased from digital asset exchanges such as Bittrex Global, OKEx, Bitbns, BitZ and HitBTC.

The token can be rewarded as:

Storage contribution rewards: In PoC consensus algorithm, storage contributors receive CVT token rewards in proportion to their amount of storage contributed

Storage payment: In distributed storage, the data storing party pays the corresponding storage fee according to the file size

Computing Power Contribution Reward: Computing power is network productivity. Computing power contributors get CVT rewards in proportion to their contribution

Data trading: In Federated Learning, data buyers and sellers negotiate the price of data transactions, thus using this interactive data to complete modeling needs

For example: a clinic that provides consultation, diagnosis, treatment, and convalescence services for the health of the elderly wants to track and store clinic data properly. Payments in CVT can enjoy the service of distributed storage of the clinic data provided by storage contributors. CVT token is obtained by the storage contributors. i.e. If the clinic wants to obtain oral health data for the elderly over 65 years old, data can be acquired through the CyberVein data center with the payment of CVT to the data contributor, which indicates the cost of the data; if the clinic needs to provide personal customized services for elders over 65 years old, relevant modeling data through CyberVein federated learning algorithm can be obtained with the payment of CVT to the data center, which represents the cost of usage of the algorithm. Meanwhile, if the clinic intends to use self-possessed existing data for modeling but with insufficient computing power, CVT can be used as a purchasing medium to assist in the shortage amount of computing power in modeling.


CyberVein has many partners that support it in capital, marketing and technical aspects, which had made CyberVein a strong project that’s heading for success. There are several capital supports from Qianhai Huichao, Ace Capital, Empower Capital, Australia CollinStar Capital, Block Capital, BitBen Capital; some market cooperations with Ant Node Alliance, Segmentfault, Lighter Blockchain; and technical supports from CyberMiles, Zhoukou Port District Government, Jiangsu NextStage, InVault, Capital Pay CS Pay, Shanghai Taishi Tax Refund, Zhixing LAB, BT-Bank, Henan Blockchain Technology Research Association, Dubai Government, Ningbo Aquatic products, Shenzhen Insilico.

Institutional Collaboration

Zhejiang University-CyberVein R&D Center was established in 2018. Based on the existing data research characteristics and advantages, and combining the professional needs of new blockchain talents, Zhejiang University and CyberVein will carry out scientific research in the field of blockchain-based new generation information technology, especially in the field of distributed machine learning.

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