Where will NKN Lead us to when we Officially Launch Internal Subscription

New York, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 27, 2020 / According to reliable sources, NKN, as the security and convenient guarantee of the new generation of blockchain application IOT, has started a new round of internal subscription. So where will NKN take us under the global Internet of things?

According to reliable sources, NKN, as the security and convenient guarantee of the new generation of blockchain application IOT, has started a new round of internal subscription. So where will NKN take us under the global Internet of things?

What is NKN?

It is the latest generation of network, redefined by the times, constructed by blockchain technology and designed based on cellular automata theory, it realizes non von Neumann calculation, and is a distributed data transmission network. The most important thing is that it innovates the traditional network, realizes the real decentralization, self evolution and self motivation mechanism.

What has NKN changed?

This paper introduces the concept of distributed data transmission network (ddtn), applies the “decentralized” characteristics of blockchain, uses multiple independent relay nodes to provide data transmission, solves the precipitation of redundant data on the network, and reduces the impact of bandwidth on data transmission as far as possible.

Data transmission through NKN network does not need to be led and participated by a trusted third party, but can be realized by coordinating and verifying the operation protocols executed by all parties.

The “BLOCK CHAIN” mechanism is based on the ” BLOCK CHAIN ” mechanism. The participants make efforts to expand the network transmission capacity, share the bandwidth and obtain the corresponding return, thus avoiding the waste of resources for obtaining “workload proof”.

NKN introduces cellular automata to reconstruct the network layer, and applies the characteristics of cellular automata, such as decentralization, equivalence, concurrency, etc., to the network layer of each node in the whole blockchain, making the whole “blockchain” network layer have the characteristics of cellular automata at the same time, so as to realize the network creation.

To change the shackles of “efficiency” of blockchain, NKN makes all nodes in the network equal, and each node follows the rules of common cellular automata, and presents the high-quality state of cellular automata at any time.

Each node in the NKN network circulates continuously, and updates at any time according to the latest state and the changes of adjacent nodes. It also extends tracking to adjacent nodes, which ensures that the underlying infrastructure and protocol are not changed, and the whole topology network is constantly updated and extended.

Cellular automata programming formula, known as “local rules”, runs on the boundary between stability and chaos. It is an essential rule for the new generation of NKN networks and has an important impact on network topology.

As a powerful tool to explore complex science, cellular automata is closely related to Philosophy categories such as simple and complex, micro and macro, local and global, finite and infinite, discrete and continuous, etc. it is one of the core concepts of NKN to rebuild a new generation of “blockchain” network.

NKN encourages participants to share their own bandwidth, make full use of personal idle network resources, realize resource sharing, improve the utilization rate of social network resources and improve the efficiency of network transmission capacity.

The introduction of sharing incentive mechanism ensures the continuous effectiveness of resource sharing. NKN inspires individuals or organizations in each transmission node to contribute or share idle network resources, and gives NKN internal generated rewards to promote the construction of a new data resource transmission mode, thus ensuring the continuity of resource transmission and sharing.

Where is the position of NKN in the field of blockchain? Bitcoin and Ethereum have appeared when computing power is used as proof of work; IPF of filecoin, Singapore Airlines and storj are also available when storage power is used as proof of work; however, NKN will occupy the leading position as the representative of network transmission power.

After a long time of development, today’s free Internet began to appear more and more drawbacks, and even deeply affect people’s lives: for example, whether the network is neutral; information fragmentation; privacy protection is limited; low efficiency of network transmission applications; information dissemination selectivity, etc., all indicate that “the network needs to be changed”!

At present, P2P network is facing four challenges, which is the opportunity of NKN. Firstly, it highly depends on the root node and seed node; secondly, the static network topology is vulnerable to attack; thirdly, there is no economic incentive scheme at the network transmission level; fourthly, the expansibility is sacrificed to enhance the controllability. These will be solved by NKN.

NKN driven by cellular automata has the following five characteristics: decentralization, openness, spontaneity, dynamic routing and self evolution. NKN, which has these five characteristics “escort”, is essentially different from the traditional network. It overcomes many disadvantages of the traditional network, and is a new “blockchain” network promoted by the times.

NKN, which has five characteristics of decentralization, openness, spontaneity, dynamic routing and self evolution, will achieve the following six goals: 1. Carry out blockchain driven and “nks” experiments; 2. Be able to contact anytime and anywhere; 3. Encourage participating nodes to mark data transmission capability with certificates; 4. Efficient and dynamic transmission; 5. Ensure the neutrality of network transmission; 6. Keep open and expandable.

We can see the future: more and more applications will use NKN’s communication services; more individual entrepreneurs and companies will join the NKN ecosystem to expand network scale and enrich service products. Both practicality and assets will generate great value on NKN platform, and we will become the No.1 platform for all communication related businesses. In the world with NKN, there will be no distance between you and anyone or anything. This is the future that the whole NKN team is looking forward to!


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