Jared “Psych” Laurence, Founder of the Mentorship Service Modern Flirting, Announces List of Services to Help Men

The Services, which are Based on Real World Psychology, will Help Men to Develop their Confidence, Social Skills and Get Better at Flirting

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 28, 2020 / Jared Psych Laurence, founder of the mentorship service Modern Flirting, is pleased to announce a list of services that will help men who want to improve their confidence and social skills while also getting better at flirting.

To learn more about Modern Flirting and the services that they offer for both men and women, please visit https://modernflirting.com/.

As a company spokesperson noted, Laurence understands that many guys feel frustrated and emasculated by online dating. At the same time, many men report feeling intimidated by the idea of approaching a woman in real life.

This knowledge inspired Laurence to launch his Modern Flirting company and help guys who feel they are always stuck in the dreaded “friend zone” to learn how to effectively flirt and create attraction. Now, thanks to the list of services that are all based on real psychology, Laurence hopes to help more men than ever to save their dating lives for good. Laurence himself has had over 7 years of psychology training in multiple Universities.

The Modern Flirting services include an ongoing professional program for men, as well as a dedicated “tribe leader” that is assigned to keep each guy accountable every single day of the program.

The offer also features round the clock coaching through the week that will cover a variety of topics and questions and one accountability call per week. Men will also receive 24/7 access to a support system from the community, and mastermind Laurence has created.

“There is also daily access to Modern Flirting Coaches, 30 weeks of online modules that cover key topics like social influence, attraction, texting, and online dating apps, and how to develop indestructible confidence. We also have live weekend retreats with Jared in person who really makes himself available to the students whenever he is needed,” the spokesperson noted, adding that most competitors’ programs offer a fraction of these services at a much higher price.

Modern Flirting also offers a highly personalized mentor experience that will help teach guys from all walks of life how to be a great conversationalist with women, how to meet women both online and in real life, and how to ask a woman out on a date in an effective way that is sure to inspire an enthusiastic “yes.” Students in the program say, “this only scratches the surface” and use the training here to better their careers, health, and overall sense of happiness.

About Modern Flirting:

Jared Psych Laurence of Modern Flirting helps millennials, busy workers, and men successful in other areas of life to find real love by offering a tailored and sophisticated service, helping them in all areas of their social life. For more information, please visit https://modernflirting.com/ or e-mail Jared at psych@modernflirting.com.

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