Jonathan Chvala’s Rapid Growth to Conquering the Real Estate World

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 28, 2020 / Jonathan Chvala is a young and up-and-coming entrepreneur who has managed to create a successful empire among the real estate industry at just 23 years old. The concept of architecture sparked the interest towards real estate through providing clients with their opportunity to find their dream homes. During his time in college, he gained exposure within real estate through interning directly in multi-family, working as both a leasing agent and development associate. From this experience, Jonathan came to realize the potential within real estate and acquired the passion for a role in a “sales” related position.

Jonathan Chvala pursued his new venture into real estate investing and decided to join the Kerri Shull Team because they are projected to be the leading team among the DMV and are continuing to expand their empire to be the number one team in the world. While joining the team was a step, Jonathan has implemented his skill set to continue to move the team forward to reach higher achievements within the real estate industry.

In a short six months, Jonathan managed to sell 13 million dollars over the course of twenty deals and has been nominated for the Realtor Rookie of the Year award through the National Association of Realtors. Now with his own partner agent, Jonathan Chvala is aiming to reach his goal of 50 million dollars within the next three years. His competition both in brokerage and out in the field holds an average age of about 39 years old. Beginning this endeavor at the age of 22, he recognized the need to prove his experience, abilities, and passion to earn a client’s trust. Jonathan differentiates himself through connecting with his clients on a deeper level to what he believes is far more than the average agent. He thoroughly believes in the connection with his consumer basis, for it leads to a higher customer satisfaction level.

When asked the meaning of success, Jonathan responded, “Success is not excelling at what you do, but it is also learning something new to apply it in the future to improve performance. Success is having both a five and ten year plan and blowing past them.” He recognizes that success is determined by each individual differently and appears throughout various forms and he believes that through the focus mindset he has maintained contributed to his early victories. Jonathan Chvala realizes it may be easy to accept where one stands, but pushing your boundaries to exceed expectations pays off in the long run.

Operating a business at a high level during the global pandemic was a large obstacle Jonathan was faced with, yet he maintained vigilance and adapted to be more flexible for his clients. The real estate industry was faced with a challenge to accommodate the market and retain their clients during Covid-19. Though this pandemic could have stopped Jonathan, he learned to overcome the challenges it presented, and develop new strategies to push forward.

Jonathan advises those seeking to start their own business to not be afraid to set large goals for themselves. He stands by the statement of, “If people are not laughing at your goals, then they are not big enough.” This motto is a true testament to the work ethic he has remained consistent throughout his time among the real estate industry where he strives to keep pushing his limits. The fear of not succeeding has in turn motivated Jonathan to work harder at his expertise rather than allow it to crumble his venture.

In terms of future plans, Jonathan Chvala plans to push harder to reach his goal of a 50 million dollar portfolio and eventually add another partner agent to his team for expansion of their team. Jonathan’s rapid growth among the industry is a true testament to his natural abilities in learning the ins and outs of the real estate industry and there is only more to come. To follow along Jonathan Chvala’s business and future ventures, click here.

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