Ian Northmark Speaks on His Path to Success

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 1, 2020 / Ian Northmark is the founder of Northmark Wealth Management LLC, which is an asset management, investment consulting, and financial advisory business. Ian started Northmark Wealth in February 2019, and prior to starting this company he was a top developing manager for a global fortune 100 company. Ian Northmark has also completed an advanced curriculum focused on Asset Allocation and Wealth Management strategies at Harvard University. Not only is Ian an entrepreneur, he is a combat veteran and winner of the Below the Zone a competitive early promotion program offered to enlisted U.S. Air Force personnel.

The Below the Zone early promotion opportunity is restricted to exceptional Airmen who stand out from their peers and perform duties at a level above the current rank. Ian Northmark loves helping other people and volunteering for the homeless in LA. Another one of Ian’s interests is the stock market. When he was 14, his father bought him one share of Apple stock and he watched this stock go from less than a dollar to what it is today. This taught Ian that investing is an important part of life and he wanted it to be one of his biggest strengths in business.

In college, Ian Northmark decided to major in finance and further his education. When he was a junior in college, he had a mentor who worked as a financial advisor and Ian made the offer to work for free and job shadowed him for a year. This only made him realize that not only does he love investing, but he also found a passion for working with people and helping them achieve their financial goals.

Being in the corporate environment, Ian learned the fundamentals of wealth management and once he felt as though he had learned enough, he decided he was ready to start his own firm. In the finance industry, people mainly focus on working with high net worth individuals and wealthy clients. Instead of worrying about how much money he would make, Ian Northmark wanted to focus on educating the millennial generation. His previous employers were against the idea of working with millennials mainly due to profit margins however Ian did not want to have the same business focus. Ian sees the bigger picture and acknowledges that he may not be making the most money now but with time, millennials will become the wealthiest generation of all time and the money will come eventually.

Starting from humble beginnings and creating great success, Ian Northmark is paving way for himself in the industry. It is his drive and determination to make progress every day towards his goals that helps him expand his business. To learn more about Ian Northmark and his business, click here.


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