LeadKlozer Announces the End of the Missed Lead Dilemma for Facebook Marketers

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / September 1, 2020 / Until now, it was impossible to track, save, and prioritize the world of Facebook page interactions by any one individual lead.

This leaves Facebook marketers blind to the vast majority of lead engagements from some of the most active and valuable leads that are ready to buy.

Top social media marketing influencers, digital marketing agencies, and social entrepreneurs alike all agree that the #1 MISSED LEAD OPPORTUNITY on Facebook is overlooked lead comments (never received a reply) across their Facebook page’s posts and ads.

Facebook marketers cannot effectively keep up with all their comments as it simply takes too long to search through notifications, pages, posts, and ads. The end result is a tremendous amount of missed comments and lost sales opportunities.

LeadKlozer, a social media marketing startup, announces the end of the missed Facebook page comment dilemma.

LeadKlozer has perfected a comment tracking system inside one dashboard for all posts and ads across any number of Facebook pages. The number of comments (not responded to) is represented as a clickable object listed inline with the relevant post or ad which can be opened and responded to without ever leaving LeadKlozer.

“The process of responding to comments is one of the most important, yet complicated lead follow-up tasks as Facebook just doesn’t make tracking or seeing these comments very easy,” said LeadKlozer Founder and CEO, Steven MacDonald. “Through LeadKlozer, our customers will never need to worry about missing any type of an individual lead’s Facebook interaction again. Combine that with the power of LeadKlozer’s lead prioritization, and our customers will be effortlessly closing leads they didn’t even know they had.”

“LeadKlozer will not only save Facebook marketers hours a day, but it will also make it so much easier for digital agencies to add more client revenue from social media management services,” says Joel Comm, social media influencer and NY Times best-selling author. LeadKlozer is a must-have tool for anyone marketing a business on Facebook.”

For more information and trial memberships, go to LeadKlozer.com.

About Us

LeadKlozer, a social media marketing startup with support of top industry influencers, announces the first-ever Facebook engagement monitoring service (CRM) for individual leads. There was previously no way for businesses or digital marketing agencies to track and prioritize the world of Facebook interactions with their brands by any one individual lead. How could any Facebook marketer possibly tell who was engaging with them most often? Digital agencies, consultants, and businesses are missing substantial lead opportunities that are both well recognized and those that have never been seen or tracked before. Sales are falling through Facebook Marketer’s fingers every day.


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